Weekly Winners 08/16/13

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CONGRATULATIONS Katrina Zinck and David Boatright!  

Today, we have two prize winners to announce!  The first is our weekly signed-copy giveaway where you can win a free copy of The Witness Wore Red, signed by Rebecca.  The second is our Marie Claire Photo contest winner.  Submit a photo of someone holding the September issue of Marie Claire magazine (YES, THEY ARE ON STANDS NOW), and enter for a chance to win a copy of the magazine signed by Rebecca.  To enter either contest, simply click on the contest forms below.  Good Luck!

RebeccaMusser.com would like to congratulate our Weekly Winner, Katrina Zinck!  Katrina resides in Schaumburg, Illinois and will receive a free copy of The Witness Wore Red, signed by Rebecca.  Way to go!  We will be mailing out the signed copies to all the winners as soon as the book releases on September 10th, 2013.

If your name was not selected this time, you are already registered for next week’s drawing!  We have plenty of books to give away, so if you haven’t registered for the contest, then be sure to do so by clicking on the form below.

Thank you and have a great weekend!



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Congratulations to our Marie Claire Photo Contest Winner, David Boatright. We have more issues to give away, so enter today!

RebeccaMusser.com would also like to congratulate our first Marie Claire Photo Contest winner, David Boatright.  It’s always nice to see a familiar face come up in drawings, and for those of you who don’t know, David Boatright is former Chief David Boatright of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. Because the Office of the Attorney General of Texas is the agency that prosecuted all the FLDS cases in Texas, Chief Boatright oversaw everything from evidence handling to witness protection during the cases. Chief Boatright and his investigators did an outstanding job at all the trials, and we are proud to have him as today’s winner.  If you haven’t entered this contest, just register below and send us your photo!

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Have you pre-ordered your copy of The Witness Wore Red?  Click the button below to order it today!


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