The Eldorado Success Features Rebecca Musser

The Eldorado Success is a great little newspaper from the town of Eldorado, Texas which was the setting for many of the Texas trials against members of the FLDS.  This month, the newspaper decided to revisit the trials and wrote about Rebecca and her upcoming book, The Witness Wore Red.

We would like to thank The Eldorado Success for their diligent and fair reporting throughout the trials. Their professionalism has been second to none, and we are extremely grateful for all their effort in searching out and reporting the truth.  More than any other media, The Eldorado Success really did their homework and offered insightful reporting at a time when others were scrambling to catch up with the real story. We were also surprised to learn that The Witness Wore Red is even featured on their website!  Thank you to The Eldorado Success!

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