Rebecca Musser to Appear on Dr. Phil

Airs Thursday, February 20th, 2014


Join me this Thursday on Dr. Phil as he confronts my father about his decision to speak out against my book, and examines his continued belief in the FLDS cult. I’ll talk about the price (and necessity) of speaking out against abuse and present my new Red Flags program for young women. Please join us!




9 responses to “Rebecca Musser to Appear on Dr. Phil”

  1. Emme says:

    Sending you support from Canada, Rebecca. THANK YOU for speaking out. Your eloquence, demeanor and strength is admirable. I’m so grateful that your children will grow up to know a life that you were denied. Wishing you much success and a lifetime of love and happiness!

  2. emc says:

    I started to watch the Dr. Phil show today out of curiosity, but ended up being struck as if by lightning by its conclusion. While not a Mormon, I grew up in a very legalistic, religious household. My father was rarely home, my mother often depressed and bedridden, with nothing left for the rest of us. Since my father was the minister/pastor/priest…I do desire to be enigmatic…., we learned to repress all feelings except for happiness and empathy. The whole world truly was a stage. It was a weary childhood. We had problems as did others, but they were stuffed, squashed, painted over and thrown away. I have so often wondered what is wrong with me and why I am different from others and after watching the show today I find myself struggling not to keep from crying myself sick. It makes my heart sick. Honestly, my father is a good man; but he was not a good father. It hurts to say that because I love the man he is now. I wish that he would have invested an ounce of his love and wisdom towards us and recognized our mother’s depression and rage. (He never saw that side because when he was home she was goodness and light personified. It was quite an eerie transformation.) I see him now and wonder what we might have been like if he had nurtured us. We are, all of us in my family, so detached from emotion and from one another.

  3. Susan Sadler says:

    Rebecca great job on Dr. Phil . I wondered if your dad was kicked out of the flds and was trying to challenge you to get back in or gain favor among the polygamists? Love to know if that explains his approach. Thanks

  4. Brittany C. says:

    Finally got to watch the DR. PHIL episode on you speaking out against FLDS, thanks for being brave and speaking out. It’s people like you that change the world into a better place. Good luck in your life, and may God bless you.

  5. Melinda says:

    I just finished your book and had to watch the Dr. Phil interview. You are wonderful person. Your new life will bring you happiness.

  6. Eleanor says:

    Dear Rebecca
    you are an inspirational woman, I just watched your dr Phil episode, and I just have to say I saw a Brave woman, and the way you spoke lifted me, you are an inspiration. I thank God that women(and men) like you get through what you’ve been through and are able to help so many because of it. Keep up the inspirational work

  7. bob bolitho says:

    hi Rebecca–so proud of you –you were born to shed light and to show the door to freedom–if just one girl goes through the door they will have your courage to thank–i know there must be times you feel sad and lonely at the price–I so hope that you have not lost your faith in God for thats a personal relationship
    and hope that we all need and no man can come between, its based on truth and love. All the best

  8. Just watched the episode on Dateline, and simply wanted to say how extraordinary a lady you are. The old saying is still true, that evil triumphs when good people do nothing ! You are one of God’s soldiers, and may blessings be upon you and yours always…because doing right is oftentimes the most difficult path one can follow. I shall endeavor to get your book, and read for myself how you did what you did so well!!!

  9. Teresa Wegscheid says:

    I just want to say thank you for your braveness. You are a perfect example of a woman who was born in to a terrible situation. I live in Kingman, Arizona, the county seat for Mohave County, and have had some dealings with FLDS. For the most part, they’ve been pleasantly fake. :-).

    I saw the news report on Dateline. What a wonderful story, and how wonderful you had the courage, strength, and willingness to leave. I was in a spiritually abusive cult for 20 years. I was never enslaved as you were, but leaving was hard. The mental stuff is hard.

    Take care. I wish you all the best. What an inspiration you are to women! I’m thankful you’ve acted on your calling!

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