Marie Claire Features Rebecca Musser

Marie Claire CoverGreat news:  Marie Claire features Rebecca’s story in their September 2013 issue.  Greater news?  The September 2013 issue of Marie Claire is already on stands and you can purchase your copy today!

Marie Claire is a monthly women’s magazine first published in France but also distributed in other countries with editions specific to them and in their languages. While each country shares its own special voice with its audience, the United States edition focuses on women around the world and several worldwide issues. The magazine also covers health, beauty, and fashion topics.  Marie Claire boasts a circulation of over 988,000 here in the US alone! is excited to have the Marie Claire feature one month before the book launches. With Marie Claire’s large circulation, more people are taking a closer look at Rebecca’s story and the Claim Red Foundation.  With the recent recognition of highly touted endorsements in the publisher’s world such as Publisher’s Weekly, Buzz Books 2013, Book Expo America and Kirkus Review, people are starting to rant and rave about just how big this book will be.

Kirkus Review
“Compelling . . . the book speaks to the ways isolation, fear and secrecy can shelter insidious abuses until someone has the courage to step forward as a witness.”– Kirkus Reviews

The book is set to launch on September 10th, 2013 (less than a month away!) and we are excited to foreshadow a major feature on television on September 13th.  You can preorder the Witness Wore Red right now at every major retailer and the book is available in hardback, audio and ebook versions.

Marie Claire Article Summary

Marie Claire Feature:

Cover blurb:  TRUE STORY “I Escaped Life With 64 Sister Wives”

Article Title:  How I Fled a Life of Polygamy

MCPicsSummary:  “Married at 19 to the 85-year-old Prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Rebecca Musser thought she was free after his death seven years later – until she was told she must remarry.  So she escaped from her faith, family, and the only way of life she had ever known.”

The article includes a 1678 word write up that details Rebecca’s decision to escape from the FLDS and what life was like on the outside world immediately after leaving.  This is the main part of the article, but we don’t want to give away everything here!

Postscript: “Rebecca Musser, now 37, was the key state witness in the 2008 trials of Warren Jeffs and several FLDS leaders.  In 2011 Jeffs, who counted a 12- and 15-year-old among his reported 80 wives, was convicted of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault of a minor and is serving a life sentence plus 20 years in a Texas prison. Musser, a motivational speaker and founder of the Claim Red Foundation, which supports victims of human trafficking, lives in Idaho with her two children. The FLDS, based in Arizona and Utah, maintains a membership estimated between 6,000 and 10,000.”

One of our goals at is to help spread the word about The Witness Wore Red and to guide people to retailers to purchase the book in their favorite format.  Whether by word of mouth or on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, we ask your help in letting people know Rebecca’s story is highly inspirational and holds some keys to unlocking the doors that lead to awareness and healing in this world.

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