Escaped FLDS Prophet Bride, Rebecca Musser, speaks about the Lifetime Network’s new movie, Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs

IMG_7715-1, Rebecca Musser, Outlaw Prophet, Warren Jeffs, The Witness Wore RedTonight is the world premiere of Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs, a Lifetime Entertainment Services (Lifetime Network) movie based on Stephen Singular‘s book, When Men Become Gods. I have to admit it’s a little unnerving to see an actress portray me in a movie, especially when I’ve never met, spoken to, or been interviewed by Stephen Singular or the Lifetime Network.

After the the movie, hear me speak about my involvement in the FLDS story on the one-hour documentary, Warren Jeffs: Beyond The Headlines.

Taking into account an entertainment network’s goals for driving viewership and their creative license to change the story line, I do have a few hopes for the movie:

I hope the movie respectfully portrays the people under the control and manipulation of the FLDS leadership, and serves as a source of healing and not one of more violation.

I hope the movie sheds light on the sheer resilience and indomitable spirit that exists within every human being, and demonstrates how our personal choices can profoundly impact the lives of many, making positive change possible for a group, culture, and planet.

I hope people realize sexual violence, the subjugation of women, and the violation of children (boys and girls) are not only problems inherent to the FLDS; whether committed in the name of greed or God, these are human rights violations occurring around the globe and in our own neighborhoods. It’s time for each of us to take a stand.

Please visit to find out how you can continue this conversation and help educate our youth to prevent abuse and protect themselves against manipulation through my Red Flags program. Donations to my ClaimRED Foundation go towards implementing the Red Flags program into schools and universities around the country, teaching our youth to break the cycle of abuse.


Outlaw Prophet Landing


tonygoldwynClick here to listen to Tony Goldwyn’s comments on playing Warren Jeffs during an interview with Larry King.  (Listen from -13:47 to -7:45)


WJ Documentary

I’ll be tweeting live during the movie and documentary
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2 responses to “Escaped FLDS Prophet Bride, Rebecca Musser, speaks about the Lifetime Network’s new movie, Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs”

  1. Lorelei Barnett says:

    I’ve watched the movie twice now while knitting a sweater for my son, laughing at myself for the mistakes I made in the cables. Thank you for the work you do helping women everywhere, I appreciate you! My son and his two female friends came to my house tonight and none of them knew about FLDS or Warren Jeffs, mama schooled them tonight. I also discussed cults with them, always good to teach and remind them of such things. Again, thank you for the good work you do!!!!

  2. Martin says:

    God bless you. I know the evil you faced and how difficult it was. I can appreciate the courage it took to accomplish what you have. I have faced some of the same evil. I will pray for your continued success.

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