Equality In Marriage

Is it nextThe Supreme Court is soon to hand down a decision concerning equality in marriage, regardless of gender.  Same sex marriage is an issue about equality.  It addresses the question, “If a heterosexual couple has the right to marry, should a homosexual couple be afforded the same right?”  While there are arguments about who gets to engage in marriage, nobody is saying there is something wrong with the practice of marriage itself.

Nobody except for those in favor of polygamy.

I see their disturbing comments in the news and on social media trying to cloak polygamy as an issue about equality.  Not so fast…

The one and ONLY thing that a gay or lesbian couple has in common with polygamy is that both are currently an anomaly to the “one man, one woman” marriage union.

A gay or lesbian relationship is still a union between two souls.  The dynamic of a relationship between a couple is VASTLY different than the dynamic of a relationship between one dominant person and their two, three, sixty-five or more partners.

I find it ironic that pro-polygamists are arguing they are not being treated as equals because they are not allowed to implement a type of union based completely on inequality and sexism.

Polygamy is based on the principle of inequality.

Born into a polygamist home, I was the 5th child of my father’s second wife.  At age 19, I became the 19th wife of a man who would later have 65 wives.  After my escape from the FLDS, I became the first and only wife inside my home.  The contrast of being in a monogamist versus a polygamist relationship is the difference between being respected as a human being versus being treated like a piece of property.

The only way for polygamy to stay in tact is through its inherent inequality.  No matter which way you figure it, one person is in charge and everyone else is subject to that person’s will.   I recognize that not all polygamist are the same as the FLDS, but even in the less strict situations, the subjugation of women is inherent to polygamy…PERIOD.

Polygamy is sexist.

If sexism in polygamy did not exist, then polygamy would not be gender based.  Why do the men choose as many wives as they want, but then each of his wives is expected to be loyal only to him?  How would society view a group of a dozen or so men who would dedicate their lives to one woman and be ok with sharing her with all the other men?  We don’t really know, because polygamy is a practice of one man with multiple wives only, and never the other way around.  Where’s the equality in that?

It is time to take an honest look at polygamist behavior.  Anyone who compares a gay or lesbian marriage to polygamy is comparing apples to oranges.

Equality in marriage is everyone’s right.      Subjugation of either party is an entirely different issue.

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