Claim Red is a non-profit organization, founded by author and speaker, Rebecca Musser, that focuses on bringing hope and dignity to victims of human trafficking.  Rebecca is not just is not just an advocate, but she is also survivor of sexual slavery.  Her personal experience ignites her passion for teaching others to claim their God given right to freedom and to help survivors of human trafficking reconstruct their lives by rebuilding value to both self and society.

What is the next step for

The next step for Claim Red is to continue promoting awareness of the plight of Human Trafficking, and to raise funds that will go towards the research and application of specialized therapies for victims of trafficking and closed societies who have undergone intensive grooming and brainwashing.

There are many organizations set up to help rescue victims of trafficking and this is a crucial first step.  Many people think, “Just get the victims out of the oppressive situation so they can be free”,  but it’s one thing to get someone out of an oppressive situation and quite another to get the oppression out of them. As, I have learned through my personal experience, it takes lots of hard work to heal psychologically and emotionally. The good news is there is a definite skill set involved that can help speed up the recovery process and give people the freedom they seek, both inside and out.  I am currently working with some of the top psychologist who specialize in trauma counseling in using my experiences to develop highly specialized techniques for trauma therapy. will help provide these types of cutting edge therapies to the survivors of human trafficking. I am so excited to be able to say that after lots of hard work and after developing specific practices, I have found happiness, peace and freedom in my life. I want other survivors to experience the same.



What is ClaimRed’s presence internationally?

There is a high interest and demand for the services provides. I have had several radio stations interview me about my story and my foundation, including England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Columbia and Spain. I would love to see specialized trauma and life skill counseling implemented around the globe. Oppressive situations are so common in every country and it’s time to speak openly about abuse and how to heal from it.



How can people get involved?

People can involved by helping spread awareness of Human Trafficking in their communities today. They can also make donations which will go towards funding the research and implementation of specialized programs of counseling for those who have experienced the psychological trauma that is caused by grooming and brainwashing techniques. Everyone can do something and we need everyone’s help to make a real difference in our world today.