Breaking Polygamy 20/20 News Coverage

Excellent coverage of the FLDS on 20/20. For anyone following the story with these people, I highly recommend watching this last episode. As many have been reporting for years, this is nothing new. This piece echoes the stories that have already been reported time and time again.

I did have one huge objection to Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtliff’s comment about needing a victim to testify in order to hold these men accountable. Texas had no victims testify and there are 11 FLDS men in Texas prisons right now. The Utah legal system has consistently turned a blind eye to the blatant crimes that have been going on for over 100 years.

In my direct experience with the Utah Attorney General’s Office, every time the pressure with the FLDS mounted, it has been met with cowardice.

The journalists who contributed to this piece did a wonderful job in compiling the information. Also, I applaud those who are reaching out Suzette, her children and others like them.

I do celebrate the incredible courage of all who break free from this society and others like it. Blessings to them on their journey.

-Rebecca Musser


Click here to see news report:

20/20 ABC News Special Breaking Polygamy: Secrets of the Sect


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  1. Rachel says:

    Rebecca, you are so incredibly brave. These crimes sicken me and I am so thankful that you and your sister have been willing to speak out! Keep up the good work because we can no longer allow young girls to be taken advantage of in this way in our contry.

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