Behavior Reveals Our Standard Of Education

EducationWhile education is extremely powerful, it does not always produce moral decency.

More than just spending hours inside the classroom, we need to examine how education is affecting our behavior and our ability to coexist on a global level.

It is our behavior that reveals the standard of our education.

Teachings that give us permission to violate the rights of another human being is miseducation that produces a cycle of ignorance.

Teachings built on valid principles that promote behavior based in equality and tolerance, while never failing to honor the rights of others, is education that produces intelligence, effectiveness, and global harmony.

rm2-1-Rebecca Musser


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2 responses to “Behavior Reveals Our Standard Of Education”

  1. B in WA says:

    I am almost finished with your book. I was marveling at the hours of education the youth endured, only to emerge unprepared for life other than in the FLDS. So much time must have been spent studying faulty doctrine. It breaks my heart.

    You did a fantastic job with this book. It is clear you want to be sensitive to the family you knew. I have friends in Coo’s Bay who would have welcomed you with open arms, so I found myself wanting to connect you with them as you reached that coastal city in your story! I wish you could have met them.

    Blessings to you on this journey. Thank you for taking the courage to think. Rationalizing was meant to be squelched, but you somehow clung to it enough to find a way to leave and begin a VERY hard life of learning all over again. I am so impressed with your commitment to people who may never appreciate that you are actually protecting them. Thank you also for bringing light to the current state of Warren Jeffs. Honestly, I had no idea there were still dealings with this man so recently. He should not be allowed to contact the outside world at ALL. He knows he is evil. HE knows.

    Thank you.

  2. Paula Cook says:

    I can not believe such evil people exist in todays world – Polygamy should never be allowed (Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow – or even thought of as Heavenly)There will be absolutely no polygamy in my heaven as the LDS church still believes today. It is still sick, wrong and evil. Those that continue to do this will be dammed for all eternity as they so deserve. Warren Jeff’s should never be allowed to talk to anyone on the outside but that goes to show that there are still many issues that need to be fixed in America today.

    Rebecca, may you find the true Christian church that does not twist the KJV Bible in any shape or form that man wants it to be, But keeps the bible as it should be, intact and fully meant for HIS people to live our life out the best way we can with insight on how to live, and may the God of Life always be with you. Try listening to Greg Laurie – he is a great Christian.

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