rm2-1Rebecca Musser was born into the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church), an extreme, isolated, polygamist sect that had splintered off from the Mormon faith. At age 19, she was forced into a polygamous marriage to the church’s prophet, a man more than four times her age. After her husband died and Warren Jeffs, the new prophet, tried to force her to remarry, Rebecca escaped.

Beginning a brand-new life in a strange world of ‘gentiles,’ freedom, debit cards and French fries – Rebecca yearned to save her little sisters from becoming child brides.  She forged a trusting relationship with law enforcement, and when Texas authorities raided the FLDS Yearning for Zion Ranch in April of 2008, they were overwhelmed by cultural differences and language barriers. Those authorities asked Rebecca to assist them, and she became instrumental in deciphering mountains of evidence of child molestation and bigamy found on the ranch, as well as becoming a vital witness for the state of Texas in over 20 criminal convictions.

Rebecca is a national speaker, advocate for victims of human trafficking, and the author of The Witness Wore Red  (Grand Central 2013)– a gripping and powerful memoir of a prophet’s 19th wife, damned apostate, and witness for the prosecution of Warren Jeffs and FLDS leaders.

Rebecca is also the founder of ClaimRED, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing dignity, hope and healing to victims of human trafficking. She continues to speak out for the oppressed, to educate communities on the plight of millions in bondage, and to inspire individuals and organizations as to the power of one person to change the world.

Today, Rebecca is most passionate about sharing stories where she can bring a voice to those who have had no voice, and to highlight extraordinary human beings who are taking action and doing great things on the planet.

“Believe in the possible,” says Rebecca. “You may not have all the answers to your predicament, but you DO have the ability to rise above it. Regardless of the situation you are in, you can find a productive way out. I know this, because I not only survived tyranny — I overcame it.  It is possible to be victorious over challenges.”